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El proyecto Open Your Eyes está recopilando las mejores prácticas, herramientas y recursos sobre alfabetización digital y mediática en Fake News en Europa. Esta encuesta está diseñada para ayudar a la comunidad a enumerar sus recursos y compartirlos en un sitio web común.

Al completar este formulario, ayudas a crear un centro de recursos único sobre este tema crucial.

La información que proporciones respondiendo a este cuestionario será utilizada únicamente por el consorcio del proyecto financiado por Erasmus + "Open Your Eyes: fake news for dummies".

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Participation in media literacy initiative related to fake news, misinformation or disinformation

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Disinformation travels across different platforms: which of the following does your initiative tackle?:

Disinformation spreads through different types of media: which one(s) does your initiative tackle?


Is the term ‘fake news’ adequate or misleading?

Definition by the European Commission Code of Practice on Disinformation:

“As provided under the Commission's Communication, for the purpose of this Code, the Commission as well as the High Level Expert Group in its report define "Disinformation" as "verifiably false or misleading information" which, cumulatively,
(a) "Is created, presented and disseminated for economic gain or to intentionally deceive the public"; and
(b) "May cause public harm", intended as "threats to democratic political and policymaking processes as well as public goods such as the protection of EU citizens' health, the environment or security".
The notion of "Disinformation" does not include misleading advertising, reporting errors, satire and parody, or clearly identified partisan news and commentary, and is without prejudice to binding legal obligations, self-regulatory advertising codes, and standards regarding misleading advertising.”

Do you think there is a difference between misinformation and disinformation and if yes, then can you distinguish them in practice?

Other initiatives

Are you collaborating with other organisations/initiatives and how?

Are you aware of any other initiatives, organisations or other activities working on education to disinformation? Please provide pointers (link to the website or social media page/contact info/...)

Have you joined or do you consider joining any of these initiatives? Why would you join or not join?

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