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On September 24-25, Open Your Eyes partners flew to North-Eastern Romania to discuss the work done so far and set up the steps of their second year of collaboration.

Over the last twelve months, we have been working on developing a database of useful initiatives, tools and resources to learn about online disinformation and limit its spread. After selecting a number of countries affected by rising disinformation (e.g. related to separatism issues, or in connection to national and European elections), we identified interesting local initiatives and got in touch with them to learn more about their vision and their methods.

All resources have now been catalogued and once the database is online they will be easily filtered by country, type, targeted audience and platforms addressed. Our web developers are currently working on the final step of the process and the database will become available in less than two months.

Next step ahead: planning a training for trainers, who will then implement what they learned during “Check It Out” Labs for adult learners.

Our meeting is now over but our fight against disinformation continues! If you know of any interesting initiative and would like to contribute to our database tell us all about it here.

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